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November 2016: Our collaborative study of sensory features in high-risk infants, with Dr. Woynaroski and Dr. Goodwin, got some press in Spectrum News after Dr. W. presented the data at SFN:

June 2016: Dr. Cascio is interviewed for an article in The Atlantic magazine about sensory processing in autism, and the controversy over whether sensory processing disorder should be its own diagnosis: 

May 2016: Dr. Failla's work on pain and self-injurious behavior in ASD is covered in Medscape, part of the WebMD Health Professional Network:

January 2016: Kim Schauder's study of tactile defensiveness in ASD and the serotonin system is covered by the Vanderbilt Reporter:

October 2015: Dr. Failla is interviewed by Spectrum News at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting in Chicago about her poster presenting our fMRI study of pain in autism:

June 2015: Dr. Cascio is interviewed by Reuters Health about functional connectivity in ASD:

January 2015: Dr. Cascio is a guest on NYU's "Doctor Radio" program "About Our Kids," and is interviewed about the lab's research on the role of touch in autism:

November 2013: The Cascio lab's study of the role of brain reward systems in restricted interests in autism is covered by the Vanderbilt Reporter: 

May 2013: Jennifer Foss-Feig's study of visual motion perception in autism covered by Science Daily and Psych Central:

November 2012: Dr. Cascio is interviewed by the Simons Foundation about the rubber hand illusion in autism:

May 2012: Dr. Cascio is honored by INSAR as one of two recipients of the Slifka/Ritvo Innovation in Autism Research Award:

December 2010: Dr. Cascio is quoted in this CNN article discussing new findings published in the journal Autism Research:

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